The owners of El Sombrero Tex-Mex Cafe in Panhandle faced a tragedy recently when their home caught fire.   The damage was an extensive, and the family that is always helping others, need your help.

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Photo Courtesy: Nikki Boggs
Photo Courtesy: Nikki Boggs

On Wednesday, January 26th the Gauna Family's, who own El Sombrero Tex-Mex Cafe in Panhandle, home caught on fire.  Luckily, due to Myka flipping the breaker and the Panhandle Fire Department getting there quickly the house isn't a total loss.

The fire started in the attic, and the biggest part of the fire took place in the den of the home. Most of the home is covered in smoke and soot.  They have had to find an alternate place to live until their home can be fixed. As you know with insurance this could take a long time, and it's a nightmare.

This is a family who takes care of their community.  They would give the shirt of their backs if someone needed it.

According to Nikki Boggs, a family friend,

They're such good people. They have a servants heart. Our good friend Jimmy died unexpectedly the first part of January. They donated the sales from all hamburgers for 2 days to his family....

Biggs goes on to explain that El Sombrero's weekly Sunday lunch is 100% by donation only. They actively seek to contribute to the community they are a part of. Nikki says she hopes to see the community return the favor of help in a time of need to the family.

The community of Panhandle, Texas are also stepping up to help out this family.

Most of the kids clothing was smoke damaged, and luckily they have found a restoration company to help clean, but in the mean time the kids are without clothing. Plus, with the family being displaced, they will need help.

You can visit any Happy State Bank location and ask an employee to look up: FBO Mani & Myka Gauna

The family has also put together an Amazon Wishlist to help replace some of the most needed items.  You can help them by going to the link below, and purchasing an item or two.

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