If you are looking for something special to make for the holidays, know that nothing says Merry Christmas like Reindeer Droppings.  Some may call them Oreo Balls and others may refer to them as Oreo Truffles, but I think it's more fun to give someone a Christmas tin filled with delicious droppings.

My wife and I have been making these delicious, delectable treats for friends and family for the past few Christmas seasons. After making my last batch, I decided that I wanted to share this recipe with you.

What You Need


    • 1 Package Regular Oreo Cookies
    • 1 (8oz) Package Cream Cheese
    • Chocolate and/or White Chocolate Almond Bark
    • Toothpicks
    • Wax Paper
    • A Blender/Food Processor
    • A Hand Mixer
    • Cookie Sheet
    • Bowls
    • Optional: Sprinkles and Plastic Bag/s

How To Make Reindeer Balls

  1. Add some Oreos (half row to one row at a time) to a mixer/food processor and use the mixer/food processor to blend the Oreos into a powder-like texture.
  2. Once the Oreos are well ground from the mixer/food processor, move the Oreo mixture into a bowl.
  3. Take the cream cheese (8 oz.), move it into a bowl, and soften it by warming it in the microwave for about 1 minute. If you don't melt the cream cheese, this will happen.
  4. Add the softened cream cheese to the Oreo-mixture bowl and use the hand mixer to combine the Oreos and cream cheese together. Mix thoroughly.
  5. Put some wax paper on a cookie sheet.
  6. Create small Oreo balls (slightly larger than walnut size) from the Oreo/cream cheese mixture and place the balls in rows on the cookie sheet.
  7. Place a toothpick in the top of each ball.
  8. Put the Oreo Balls in the refrigerator and chill for around 1 hour.
  9. After 1 hours time, use the microwave to melt 1/2 sheet of the almond bark (chocolate and/or white chocolate). Recommendation: Heat for 1 minute, stir, and then continue to heat (if needed) in increments of 20 seconds until melted.
  10. Take Oreo balls out of the refrigerator, grab the toothpick, and then dip each ball into the almond bark of your choice. Completely cover the ball and then place the ball on the cookie sheet. Gently twist the toothpick until the toothpick is removed from the ball (note: you can use a spoon to help with removal and to patch up any parts of the ball left bare by the toothpick removal).
  11. Once all of the balls have been covered, you can decorate the balls in any way you see fit (e.g. before the balls dry, you can add sprinkles; you can add bark to a plastic sandwich bag, cut a hole in the corner, and then use the bag to drizzle a different color of bark across the balls).
  12. Allow the balls to harden on the wax paper (takes about 15 minutes) and store in the refrigerator.