It is the thought that counts.....right? It's that time of the year you have to think that. But what if that thought was you need to exercise?

How would you feel if someone gave you a gym membership? Or an treadmill? Would you be OK with that?

If you wouldn't, don't worry, you are not alone.There is a survey that backs that up. They asked the question "Is it cool to give someone exercise gear as a present IF they didn't ask for it?"

The answer is NO according to 45% of the people. They say don't do it at all. Another 25% say it's OK and then there is that 35% who just weren't sure.

It's not surprising that women are definitely more against those unsolicited exercise gifts than men. A whopping 49% of woman say it is NOT OK versus the 41% of men who said no.

So save yourself some holiday grief. DO NOT get someone exercise equipment for Christmas. Now if they ask for all means go for it. We just want to keep you out of trouble this Christmas season.

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