I guess if you want to be that half glass full kind of person you have to realize that all this covid talk has brought us some good things. We have finally had the time to slow down a bit. We also got to spend more time with our family.

Having all this time for reflect on our lives we also ended up gaining some good habits. This is some pretty good news. We found time to get outside and walk more. We went on bear hunts with our family. We saw more families walking around City View, Wolflin and other Amarillo neighborhoods.

We also found time to fix some things we have neglected at our house. We had the time to get some of those honey do items marked off the list. We also learned to declutter a lot more. It feels nicer going into your home not being wall to wall stuff.

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We even were able to slow down a little and think about the local businesses. We worked hard to keep them afloat by shopping locally. We bought gift cards, we did curbside. We also helped out the restaurants by utilizing their curbside and take out meals as well. We got back to helping each other and it's been nice.

Have you also learned how to cook more during this year? There were a lot of Youtube videos watched to learn how to cook something new. A lot of kids headed to the kitchen with their parents to learn as well. We have realized how important knowing how to cook can be especially during a pandemic.

We have also learned the importance of water. It seems we were always too busy to drink eight glasses a day like recommended. We finally had the time and we started to learn to stay hydrated.

So what is one good habit you learned during all of this? Comment below.

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