I think I love pickles just a bit too much. It may even be a bit on the unhealthy side. OK really not. Pickles are good for your diet.

That makes me happy. You can come to my house any day or time and you will find many jars of different types of pickles in my fridge. I even keep the juice to drink or use as a marinade. It is great to tenderize and give meat flavor.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So I was really excited to see that Vlasic created Pickle Chips. No, I am not talking about a potato chip that is flavored to taste like pickles. I feel that has been done before. No, they went above and beyond.

They took their already delicious pickles and vacuum-fried pickles. They basically take the mess out of eating pickles out of the jar. That is exciting. No more pickle juice all over the place. Still the great taste.

Credit: Conagra Brands

It's not news that pickles are a great snack. I mean they have no calories or carbs so they are a great go-to. Vlasic is just going to make it easier to eat them on the run. Literally.

There has not been a date set that they will hit the shelves but with all the buzz I have been hearing about them I can't believe that Vlasic will wait too long.

So here is the deal. When you go to United or Walmart and you see these on the shelf please let a girl know! I can't wait to try them. Really I can't!