It is a sad but true fact, I have never in my life, not once, ever watched a Star Wars movie. Not the beginning, not the end, nothing. Leo and Rebecca have talked about it on The Morning Show countless times because Leo is a huge Star Wars fan and Rebecca never knows a thing about it. I literally call one of the characters 'trash can guy.' Leo is not happy about this. lol to Leo's dismay.

However that all changed when the Mandalorian came out on Disney+. Why? Because of one little and I do mean little character that Leo introduced me to. You know the one that is the subject of just about every meme on the internet? I'm talking about Baby Yoda! I love him. The day after a new Mandalorian episode would come out, Leo would fill me in on what cute thing Baby Yoda did in that particular episode.

I am obsessed with him. I have a Baby Yoda shirt, I still want to get my hands on some sort of Baby Yoda toy and now I have something new that has to do with my favorite character. A Baby Yoda Scentsy warmer! I mean come on, how cute is he and he makes my house smell good? It is a win-win for me! I remember they first came out around Christmas and I did drop hints that I wanted one but it didn't happen, therefore I took matters in to my own hands. I bought myself one. I love it!
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