One thing you can never have too many of is a place to grab some grub. Options are the best thing in life to have.

Well, Amarillo, get ready because we're about get even more it would appear.

Despite restaurants struggling to find people to hire and a global pandemic still in full swing, Amarillo's Public Health District has seen an increase in operational permit requests.

So what does all that mean? Well simply put, it means more restaurants are asking to stay in business or add on to an existing franchise. It also means that restaurants we don't have in the Amarillo area are trying to come in.

We mentioned awhile back about the old On The Border becoming a Twin Peaks in short order. So who else could be coming in? We aren't sure, but we know we're going to have some new places to check out in the very near future.

Anthony Spanel, the environmental health director for City of Amarillo said, "We were anticipating quite a number of facilities going out of business". Honestly, I think we all were. I remember saying to myself I was worried about some of our favorite places not being able to reopen their doors.

It seems however, the quite opposite is happening. We're about to get another Jimmy's Egg location; even though the pandemic brought about construction delays, they never hesitated to open a new spot. It seems there are plenty of others following suit. There's a lot of construction underway in Amarillo, and who knows? Some of those buildings could become your new favorite.

So with all these new restaurants getting ready to pop up, what would YOU like to see in Amarillo that we don't already have? Personally I'd LOVE to see a Smashburger location open up. If you've never been, ooooh you're missing out. Tell us what you'd like to see open up in Bomb City.

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