Is it true? Is Amarillo actually getting, yet another, new seafood restaurant. The short answer is, yes. At least according to what I've been able to dig up. Plus there's a photo circulating on social media of the sign supposedly going up.

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Do We Really Need Another One?

I've seen the question asked, and any one I've spoken with about it in passing has said the same. It seems like all-of-a-sudden we're seeing seafood places pop up all over town.

Apparently whoever is opening up this one, feels that they have something to bring to the table that the other places haven't yet.

Say Hello To Hook & Reel

In case you've never been to a Hook & Reel, it's all about the boils. Shrimp, crab, mussels, crawfish are big features on their menu.

Where Is The Hook & Reel Going To Be?

On the Hook & Reel website, they list their Amarillo location as being in the shopping center adjacent to United on 45th. You know, across the street from The Catch of all places. Also, I think it is time that we point out that this placed was announced last year in September, and we've been waiting since then.

The Seafood Landscape Is Getting Crowded

The Catch, right across the street on 45th, is fantastic. The wife and I finally got the chance to try it out, and honestly enjoyed it. Once all of the insanity around a new restaurant opening died down, and we were able to get in, we had a good time.

Not to mention all of the Cajun places we have in town. We recently got Walk On's. We have The Lost Cajun, and The Lazy Gator. Don't forget Scott's Oyster Bar, another one of my favorites.

If you're craving cheese baked into biscuits, there's always Red Lobster.

How do we keep getting seafood, Cajun, burger restaurants and sports bars; but we can't get a Cheescake Factory?

I'm willing to check it out, and I'll probably love it. I love a good seafood boil. Just thinking that maybe it's getting a little crowded out here for seafood.

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