If you travel I-27 past Hollywood Road north into Amarillo, you may have noticed that finding an easy-to-access convenience store isn't happening.

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When finding a convenience store off I-27 you can't just get on or get off I-27, you have to exit, turn a corner drive down a street, and then finally reach a convenience store.  Then you have to do the same thing to get back on the road.

On Bell, you have to go around a corner and there's a small Toot 'n Totum, however, that's all about to change with the new QT, but it's still in the construction phase. Exit Western and either way you go you have to turn a corner to get to Toot 'n Totum or a Pak-A-Sak.  If you look at the I-27 and 45th exit, there is nothing near the exit unless you want to drive west on 45th to find a small Toot 'n Totum. All you get at the I-27 and Georgia exit is Walmart and Murphy's USA.  When you exit Washington, you have to drive south to get to a small Toot 'n Totum.  That's the last of the convenience stores before I-27 ends.  Luckily, that's all about to change.

The exit at I-27 and 45th is about to get a convenient convenience store

Google Mpas
Google Maps

Circle K is set to build a new store at 2801 SW 45th Avenue. This is the location where Budget Car Rentals and Sales has been for a very long time.

This will be the first time this area has seen a convenience store in decades.

According to state licensing agencies, construction is expected to start in April of 2024 and open sometime in November of 2024.  The estimated cost for this project is $42,500,000.

Circle K announced its return to Amarillo in 2021 and was originally in Amarillo in the 80s.

Google Maps
Google Maps

They have a store at 7217 S Western and 7505 Helium Rd and already have stores planned at Washington and Loop 335 and Soncy and Hollywood.

We reached out to Circle K for more details, but at the time of publication, we had yet to receive a response.

This will be an excellent addition to the Circle K family in Amarillo

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