It doesn't matter if you're an Amarillo native or new arrival, there are some buildings and homes that just stick out. They're quirky enough to stand out as you drive by. They're unique enough that you definitely remember where to find them.

One perfect example is that one mid-century modern box-shaped house that's parked on the corner of Van Buren right by Amarillo College. I know you've seen it! If you've been by Memorial Park, you have definitely seen this one-of-a-kind home.

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Yep. That one.

The Marvelous Modern Abode on Van Buren

This cubic wonder of a home that calls 2500 S. Van Buren home is truly one of a kind in more ways than one. This is the one and only Harry Holland House.



Built in 1937 by the architects Macon Carder and E.F. Rittenberry, the Holland House is a streamlined modern work of art. It's a two-story stucco designed to be built with a large lawn and few trees.

Of course, the fat cat who could afford the luxury of the custom design by renowned architects would be a department store owner by the name of Harry Holland.

Who Was Harry Holland in Amarillo History?

Harry Holland was a very well-known store owner in Amarillo that focused on men's clothing.  He started his business Harry Holland, Inc in 1919.  The store was originally located at 5th and Polk.  In 1974 the store was purchased by Colbert's and became Colbert's Harry Holland.

The Holland House Today

This beautiful home continues to bring joy to those who live in it.

The back part of the house has long since been converted into an apartment and is usually rented out. The current owner continues to lease the apartment in the back and it is currently occupied.


However, as the current address is listed with Cloud Nine Co, a photography and film company, it may be safe to assume that is how the apartment space is used these days--a studio!

The History of the homeowner Harry Holland

The Holland family's rich history in Amarillo gained a foothold when Harry Holland married Dixie Lee Brumley. The Brumleys were one of Amarillo's oldest and well-respected families at the time. In 1985, Dixie and her sisters chartered the Brumley Foundation, still in existence as of today.

The Brumley Foundation exists to provide support for organizations that:

  • Offer charitable or low-cost services to children and young people
  • Provide charitable or low-cost services to the ill, handicapped or elderly
  • Provide basic services to the impoverished
  • Minimize their expenses by utilizing high levels of volunteer effort
  • Accomplish more than one charitable objective with the proposed project, such as providing work opportunities for students who will, in turn, provide beneficial services to the community
  • Are experiencing temporary emergencies

Bet ya never thought this neat little modern box of a house could have that much history behind it, huh?

Here's a tour of the Harry Holland House from a previous listing and some historical photos.

2500 S. Van Buren

The home was built in Amarillo in 1937. The architects were Maco Carder and E.F. Rittenberry. It is a streamlined moderne house. The home was a two-story stucco that was built with a large lawn with almost no trees. The home was built for department store owner Harry Holland and is now known as the Harry Holland House. 

The house was sold to the current owner in 2020.

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