When it comes to talking on your phone is it OK to actually talk on the phone in the bathroom?

I was in a restaurant today and there was a woman in the stall next to me just talking away.    For some reason this grossed me out. This women didn't seem to have a problem with it.  She just kept yapping as she washed her hands and walked out of the bathroom.

Now I don't have an aversion to scrolling through Facebook, texting, playing games on the phone in the bathroom.  It's the talking on the phone in the bathroom that bothers me.

I refuse to have a conversation with someone while sitting on the toilet.  I really don't want an audience when I'm doing my business.

Am I the only one who feels this is OK?  I'm not just talking about talking on the phone in a stall in a public bathroom.  I'm also talking at home as well.

Do you thing it is OK to talk on the phone while going to the bathroom?

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