Right now in the Texas panhandle, there are two types of people: "OMG I love all this rain we need it so bad" and "Geez will it ever stop raining and storming!?!?" Regardless of where you stand, the rain has certainly helped us out in some aspects of panhandle living. Everything is green, the pollen has been manageable for us who suffer from allergies, and Lake Meredith water levels are way up. Let's face it, we really do need the rain. We know the summer will be hot and dry, so it's good that we are getting ahead while we can.

As of this writing (June 6, 2019), Lake Meredith sits at just over 76 feet deep. The last time the water level was this high was February 27th, 2002. That was 17 years ago! With all the storms and heavy rains, the lake saw an increase of nearly a foot in just the past week.

The record high level at Lake Meredith was 101.85 feet in April 1973, with the lowest point measured at 26.14 feet on August 7th, 2013.

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