For those of us who live in the Texas Panhandle, JBS is a place where many people make a living.

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JBS is a company that was founded in Brazil in 1953, as a small butcher shop in the city of Goiás.   Today, JBS spans the globe.

“We started from a small meat house in the interior of Brazil and became one of the largest food companies in the world. We are a multi-protein and multi-geographic company, with more than 270 thousand employees, in more than 20 countries. We have evolved a lot, especially in the last decade, so it is natural that our brand evolves too”, highlights Gilberto Tomazoni, Global CEO of JBS.

In 2007, JBS purchased Swift and Company which was based in Greeley, CO, and the locations owned by Swift became JBS Swift.  This included the location location in Cactus, Texas.

As the evolution of business continues, the company celebrates 70 years in business, and they have made a big change. The company logo.


According to a press release from the company,  the JBS letters remain, but the font has been updated.   The parentheses that now surround the letters, "represent hands, protection, and affection between the company, clients, and consumers."

The visual identity features the letters J, B and S and the beginning of the parentheses in a solid blue tone, which represents the company's robustness to its partners, employees and other stakeholders. Along the movement of the parentheses, several other shades of blue are inserted, which symbolize the various proteins and geographies in which JBS is present. Green represents the Company's commitment to environmental, social, operational and economic sustainability. “We decided that the colors would represent our commitment to our culture and values, our social and environmental responsibility, and the eternal search for excellence in everything we do”, says Tomazoni.

The change will start making its way throughout the company soon, and we'll start seeing the new logo around the Texas Panhandle.

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