One of the great rights we have as Americans is the right to vote, however, those who can vote are not voting.  It's time to change that, get out and vote.

Early voting in Amarillo starts on Monday, February 14th.  Grab your Valentine and get out and vote.  Election Day for the Primary is March 1, 2022.

What is a Primary Election?

a preliminary election to appoint delegates to a party conference or to select the candidates for a principal, especially presidential, election.

What am I voting on in this Primary Election?


Governor of Texas, Lieutenant Governor of Texas, Attorney General, Comptroller of Public Accounts, Commissioner of General Land Office, Commissioner of Agriculture, Rail Road Commissioner, Justice, Texas Supreme Court, Judge, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Board of Education, Justice, Court of Appeals.


Texas State Senator District 31,
District Judge, 47th Judicial District –Potter, Randall and Armstrong Counties
District Judge, 181st Judicial District – Potter and Randall Counties
District Judge, 251st Judicial District – Potter and Randall Counties
District Judge, 320th Judicial District – Potter County


US Representative District 13


Potter County

Potter County Judge
Potter County Commissioner, Precinct 4

Randall County

Randall County Commissioner, Precinct 1
Randall County Commissioner, Precinct 2
Randall County Commissioner, Precinct 4
Randall County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4

Where can I find a list of candidates?

The League of Women Voters always publish a unbiased Voter's Guide every election with a list of the candidates and their views.

On another note, Monday, February 14th makes 102nd birthday of the League of Women Voters of the United States.

Where can I go to vote during Early Voting?

You can vote early until Friday, February 25th or on Election Day March 1st.

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