I have never early voted during an election. Never. I have always just really loved the excitement of going on Election Day with my daughter and showing her how to vote. The excitement was real. Now my daughter early voted on her own in the Dallas area.

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So I went back and forth. Should I early vote? Should I wait for that Election Day Excitement? I finally decided voting early would be the way to go. I saw a bunch of my friends post about voting on the first day of early voting. I wasn't going that day. I figured I would wait until this past week. I thought this might be smart.

That changed too. I to actually the the second day of early voting I had a few minutes before a meeting so I decided to make the trip to Casey Carpet One and see how the lines were. The parking lot seemed pretty full. The line was not outside so I thought score. Let's go and vote. I got inside and there were probably about 6 people in front of me. No worries

I had my driver's license ready. I had already made sure I was registered. Somehow I lost my voter's registration card since the last time I voted. I was talking with others in line and we all thought that picking an off time to vote, it was around 3:15pm. It was busier than we expected but nicer than I am sure it was on Tuesday.

One of the ladies working the Election site said that they had 478 on the first day and that was the most they ever had on that election. We were excited to see so many people showing up to the polls. I think I waited a total of 10 minutes before it was my turn.

Don't tell anyone but I snuck some photos. LOL. I know I am not supposed to but I made sure I was out side the 100 foot rule....I just zoomed in a lot. Yes, that is it. I got yelled at by one lady when I tried to ask permission.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I mean I openly got permission when my daughter voted for her very first time years ago without any trouble. So I didn't think taking a picture of the "I Voted" sticker would get me in trouble but it did. I am sorry.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Overall it was a very pleasant experience. I got in and out in no time. I joked that because of the construction on I-40, and me driving all the back roads, that it took me longer to drive  there than to actually vote.

So get out and vote. You can early vote by October 30th. So that means you have until Friday. If you do not go this week then Election Day is your last opportunity. Check locations and times. For POTTER County. Info for RANDALL County. Or you can choose to vote on Election Day. Just make sure you get out and vote Join all of us cool kids.

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