To say it's been a challenging week for Happy State Bank is an understatement. The merger that was first brought to public attention in September of last year finally made its way to customers.

There has been more than one hiccup that customers have faced. They took to Facebook and local news channels to voice their frustrations. Yes, it will get better but to the employees at Happy trying to forge through the challenges, we salute you.

Remember they are going through this too. They are not the ones you are mad at. They are frustrated too. They are forging through this with the same Happy smiles they have had since the beginning.

As much as some things are changing being part of Centennial there are some things they can't change. The people. Having been on the inside of all this recently and now looking in from the outside I know they are some great people in those teller lines. They have some great people in the branches trying to help.

They have some great people answering the phones trying to walk you through the process. People sometimes forget that.

There were some words of encouragement sent Happy's way recently. The best part is it came from an unlikely source. No not the corporate office. Maybe that happened. The employees received cards and treats from Education Credit Union here in Amarillo.

The cards thanked the staff for all they were doing to serve our community. They also let them know that they were cheering for them.

One Happy employee was quite thrilled:

credit: Haley King
credit: Haley King

How cool is that? Another bank realized what struggles another bank is going through. Oh, and instead of kicking them while they were down as I saw another local Amarillo bank do this one took the high road.

This is the way our community should be. Yes, it is frustrating. I for one get it. It's nice to see someone remembering its best for our community when everyone succeeds.

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