The RockShow was bombarded with road condition updates all morning. It never ceases to amaze the citizens of Lubbock that when water gets really cold, it freezes.

Holy smokes, guys - slow down! It does not matter if you have a big huge truck with badass tires. The ice does not care if you're in a hooptie that's being held together with duct tape, or a fancy Escalade with shiny rims. The ice gives no s#!&s.

Ice is the great equalizer that should not be messed with. It will take you down no matter how big or small you are. It doesn't care how many groceries you are carrying. It does not give a crap what time your kid starts school. It doesn't care if you're already running late for work. Ice does not care.

It is simply frozen water that will ruin your day or kill you if you challenge it, especially in Lubbock, where it's a long shot the salt trucks are even gassed up and ready to go in an emergency.

So please, respect the power of the almighty ice on our roads this week and save yourself from a busted headlight, or much worse.

Wednesday morning, there were back-to-back reports of terrible things happening on the roads, even one man reported seeing a truck hanging from an overpass. Can you imagine speeding to work while eating a messy breakfast sandwich, accidentally sliding through a guard rail, and being rescued with coffee and ketchup all over you? Embarrassing.

Or worse: you don't make it home to your family at all.

So please join me in making fun of Lubbock drivers, but don't forget we share these crappy roads, and some of us are already having a bad day. Dying would make it much worse.

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