Welcome to a new week. In the today's McDaily we find out who is "Men's Health" Sexiest Woman of all time. We will also learn that you can put more than just coin donations in the Salvation Army Kettle pots. And drinking and tweeting don't mix.  Just ask Luke Bryan.

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Someone recently placed a 3/4-carat diamond in a Salvation Army kettle outside a Walmart in Shawnee, Kansas. It was appraised at $2,000 and cut about 100 years ago.  I'm hoping that it was an intentional donation and not an accident.

According to "Men's Health" Jennifer Aniston is the Sexiest Woman of All Time. Go here to see who else was on the list.

Luke Bryan went on Twitter and ripped a Nashville Sushi restaurant for making him take his cowboy hat off. He later admitted he was drunk and apologized. Remember Drinking and Tweeting is a serious problem. Don’t drink and drive, don’t tweet and drive, and don’t drink and tweet.