News came out earlier today that the Salvation Army is getting a jump start on "red kettle season." Usually they wait until Thanksgiving, but this year has been anything but a normal year.

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In some reports, the Salvation Army has stated that they are starting early in order to "rescue Christmas." This year has been an economic nightmare for some of us, and that's putting it lightly. Unemployment is still high in parts of the nation, and there are still many rules and regulations in place for what can or can not be opened, how many people are allowed in, and so on.

Phrasing it so that they are "rescuing" Christmas is an interesting choice. Honestly, with everything going on I had yet to stop and think what Christmas 2020 might look like for my family.

According to a story in USA Today, they're going to be helping 155% more people this year. That help comes in the form of paying rent, utilities, getting food, and putting gifts under the tree.

The choice to start ringing bells early is a local one. So if you haven't seen anyone ringing a bell yet, there's still plenty of time. In fact, the first wave of bell-ringers started yesterday.

The Salvation Army of Amarillo Facebook page has more information regarding the decision to start earlier this year, along with several ways you can get involved and help out without having to visit a kettle.

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