We all have families. Whether they are your blood family or families you acquired over the years. These are the people you turn to when you need someone to talk to. These are the people you spend your holidays with every year.

Family Traditions that Continue Every Year

Growing up we have different family traditions that you look forward to each and every year. Every family is different of course. Though, we all have those things we do.

Christmas Ornaments Every Year

Our family is no different. We add a new ornament every year to our Christmas tree. When my daughter was little she would pick out one that she loved every year. One year it might be a Disney Princess, it might be another cartoon character like Spongebob. One year she just wanted a pretty zebra colored one.

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As my granddaughter grows older I am already knowing this will be a tradition she will continue with her mom.

Helping a Child with Their Christmas Gifts

That is not our only family tradition. Another one that I hope my daughter continues with her family is helping out a needy child at Christmas. We would go to the Westgate Mall and pick a child off the Salvation Army tree. We would always look for someone my daughter's exact age.

Then we would head to the toy store. She would pick her out something that we knew she would love to play with. Then we would head to another store to pick her out some cute clothes. One year the child wanted a bike. My daughter had such a happy feeling as she rolled that bike into the drop-off point in the mall.

You can actually help us at Townsquare Media start this tradition for your family. Our Christmas for the Kids is a great opportunity for that.

What are some of your family traditions? Share those with us.

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