Behold, The Mesa Vista Ranch.

This majestic ranch that's been listed for sale is located in Roberts County and is owned by the one and only T. Boone PIckens.

Now if you know don't know who T. Boone Pickens is, let me tell you. Pickens was a huge oil man and businessman. He made most of his fortune in the oil business. Most importantly Mesa Petroleum. He was also quite the philanthropist and donated over $1 billion dollars to charity. However, most of his charitable donations went to Oklahoma State University, his alma mater. He was a huge OSU fan!

Pickens died of natural causes at the age of 91 on September 11, 2019.

In 1971, Pickens purchased an area in Roberts County near Pampa, Texas known by the name Mesa Vista Ranch. This purchase encompasses over 2,900 acres of land near the Canadian River. The ranch is now over 69,000 acres.

The ranch has been for sale for awhile, but recently the price was reduced.

Here is just a quick overview of the properties located on the ranch from the Hall and Hall Real Estate. The property includes:

The Family House: five bedrooms, five bathrooms,

The Pub:  a game room, bathroom, kitchenette, and workout area and loft with two sleeping areas and another game room.

The Gun Room: includes a lounge area, bathroom, and kitchenette.

The Gate House: single family, two-story home with partial basement.  Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, living area with fireplace, and utility room.

The Chapel

Lake House: 2 bedrooms, three bath rooms, wine cellar/tasting room, office, exercise room, utility room, large living/great room with fireplace, dining area, master bedroom and bath, 1½ bathrooms, kitchen, utility room, and elevator. Plus, a spiral staircase with stone imported from France.

Airport and Hangar with Runway

So what will this property run you?  You probably need to be rich, $170,000,000

But, we can always drool....

T. Boone Pickens' Mesa Vista Ranch

The 60,000+ Ranch located in Roberts County near Pampa, Texas is up for sale.

This property includes multiple homes, a chapel, and airport and hangar.

The asking price is currently at $170,000,000

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