When it comes to children it is easy to get attached to something special.

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It could be a blanket, a toy, or a cuddly stuffed animal. These items become a safety blanket and security for children. They are a best friend, fear fighters, a protector. When they get lost and disappear it becomes devastating for a child.

That is what happened to a mom and daughter in Pampa, Texas.  According to a recent Facebook post on a local Pampa page.

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Shaylee Espino

If anyone finds these 2 stuffed animals I will give anything for them back. They’re my baby girls attachment toys & she’s hysterical right now.
They disappeared somewhere between our house & Walmart.


If you are a parent you know how devastating it is for a child to lose their stuffed animals. It is heartbreaking. As a parent, you feel helpless and guilty knowing that you cannot do anything to help ease your child’s pain. Getting them a new stuffed animal won’t help. If you’re lucky you might be able to find one just like the one they had, but deep down your kid knows it will be a replacement.

Let’s help Shaylee find her 3-year-old baby girl’s stuffed flamingos.  They are loved and missed.

Pampa the flamingos were lost between the neighborhood where Chicken Express is and Walmart.

If you have seen or have any information about the missing stuffed flamingos, please let us know.

We can only hope these stuffies will be found and returned soon.

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