We all hear stories of possible child abduction in stores everywhere else.  We rarely hear of stories of random men stalking a person in a store who has a small child, happening in our backyard.

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It is happening and happening EVERYWHERE.

Especially in our cities and towns.  This particular instance happened at the Walmart in Pampa.   If it is happening in Pampa, it is happening in Amarillo, Canyon, Borger, Hereford, etc.  Everywhere.

A mother was shopping with her young child in the basket.  She did notice a man on the aisle with her without a basket looking at items.  Then it happened, she turned her head for a second and a man tried to grab her child.

While at the Walmart in Pampa my two-year-old and I were in between the dairy section and the coffee when I turned to look for my friend . When I tell you I had only looked away for half a second I mean it happened that fast. I looked back at my child and a man was literally reaching to grab her. Immediately when I turned towards her he bolted. I ran towards my friend and told her to get away from this man. I still wasn’t registering what had just happened and questioned if my eyes were just deceiving me or I was being paranoid.

Fast forward to her standing in the self-checkout line and the man was there again watching her.  The employees were alerted to the man and escorted him from the building before the police arrived, so the man got away.

It's one of those stories of "Did this really happen?"

It did, and it happened in Pampa.  According to the Pampa Police Department. Pampa Officers responded to a call at Walmart on a call to "get officers there".  Upon Arrival at the store, they were told that the female involved and her child were being followed around the store.  Police also stated that Walmart employees made the suspect leave before the Pampa PD was able to arrive.  PPD officers were able to obtain video footage and witness the incident.

Pampa Police are looking for a 4-door Silver GMC pickup.  The suspect along with two other occupants left the area and were not located.

Pampa Police Department Stephanie Willoughby
Pampa Police Department Stephanie Willoughby

The case is under investigation by the Pampa PD Criminal Investigations Division.

If you have any information about the vehicle or the suspect please contact the Pampa Police Department immediately.

Remember this can happen anywhere, your local grocery store, convenience store, movie theater, etc. Everywhere.

How to keep you and your children safe while shopping:

  • Always, Always, Always, be aware of your surroundings.
  • Never let your child out of your sight, even when you are loading your items into your car.  LOCK THE DOORS.
  • If someone is trying to grab you or your child.  Draw attention to yourself, and scream as loud as you can.  It's more than likely they don't want the attention and will walk away.  Teach your child the same.
  • Don't shop alone, take a friend and use the buddy system.
  • If you feel you're being stalked in the store, find a safe spot with lots of people
  • Tell an employee someone is following you and you don't feel safe. Ask for an escort to your car, or call the police and wait for them to come and escort you.
  • If you feel like you are being followed in a store and when you leave, do not take your normal route home.  Be aware of your surroundings.  If you feel you are being followed when you leave the store, do not go home.

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