I ran to Market Street last week. I needed to get some food for my weekly food prep. I walked in and saw the glorious Monopoly Game has started. I always get excited when I see it.

I have never won anything BIG! It’s just that being in radio I don’t get a lot of contests that I can actually enter and win. I get excited for this. So just winning some little prizes is great for me. I always feel this is going to be the year and I tell the cashier that too. I am going to win something on the board. Maybe this year it will come true. This year the change is there really isn't a board to keep track of. Oh there are no little pieces either.

With the changes the one thing that didn't change is the chance to win. I mean who hasn't had the dream of winning the million dollars? Or a family vacation? I mean there are tons of prizes.
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Every time I go into Market Street and see a purchase I am already planning on buying have a bonus Monopoly piece with it, well I can't help but get smile. Just the thought of how many tickets I may end up with.

Oh and there are not as many prizes as before. Still, though, I am excited to play anyway. I mean I shop there regardless so what if I add a nice prize to the mix?

It’s just the thoughts that maybe I can win something. Yes, I win free items. I actually won as an instant winner last night a bottle of Refreshe Water. Yes that is a win in my book. Free items are always good.

It's nice not having to keep up with the pieces anymore. I like that. We now have an app to download. It's the Shop, Play Win app. Then you just scan the barcodes and it lets you know if you win or have a match game to play.

We shall see how successful I am this year. I think last year I ended up with multiple cans of tomato sauce, a few free avocados and aspirin. Any time I walk out with free items it is always nice. Especially when I win stuff that I would buy anyway. So score!


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