With the weather being what is was on Wednesday you know all that crazy snow? Remember that? Like a blink of an eye it was gone. That is the Texas Panhandle for you. Don’t like the weather here wait ten minutes and it is bound to change.

With that being said there were some things that were canceled and some things that happened but need a second go round.

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They didn’t cancel it but the weather kept a lot of people who need a job home. So they are giving everyone a redo.

It decided to snow on our job fair, so we are going to do it again on March 24th from 9 AM-7 PM! We are asking all participants to wear business professional clothing and a mask. Also, please bring your resume and a completed application! Please find our application on our website.

You can apply and get a head start HERE  Everyone always jokes that the problems of the world could be solved if we just get Chick-fil-A involved. They have a really smooth business model that really helps the drive-thru and every aspect of the business to run smooth. So why not learn from the best?

If you are one that have been without a job or even deciding on making a career change this may be a great opportunity for you. A new job this spring. A new career. It could be your pleasure to get a jump on this process and head to this job fair.

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