Let's face it we are all scared of something.

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However, being scared of something and having a downright fear are two different things.  Phobias are those fears that bring intense, sometimes uncontrollable, feelings of fear to a person.

My personal phobia is the fear of needles.  I will shut down immediately if I see a needle.  Tell me I need a shot, and I'll tell you to be ready for me to pass out.  If you have to take my blood for tests, get ready to lay me down or else you will be picking me up off the floor.  I get tunnel vision, my ears will start ringing, and I start sweating profusely.  It's ridiculous, but I cannot control it.  Just seeing a needle makes me nauseous.

Close-up medical syringe with a vaccine.

I can't help it.  I was traumatized as a child involving a needle and the fear has always stuck with me.

Phobias are Real

They come in different forms, the fear of clowns, or spiders, small spaces, or giant items.  They can be debilitating for those who suffer from that phobia.

A company called BetTexas.com recently did a study to find the biggest phobias that affect Texans.

A study in 2022 found an estimated 9.1% of Americans, more than 19 million people, currently have some form of phobia. From spiders and heights to flying and public speaking, fears and phobias are common for many Americans.

Again, most people that suffer from phobias would love to control their reactions to the thing that sets them off, but it is very difficult.

Just one warning, if you suffer from a phobia, prepare yourself because you may be triggered.

Texans Biggest Phobias

People suffer from all sorts of phobias however, these are the Top 10 biggest phobias in Texas.

Source: BetTexas.com

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