Not too long ago Toys R Us unfortunately closed its doors forever, and like many kids it was my toy store. The location at Soncy just basically stood empty until half of it became Amarillo's Boot Barn location. Well, with the signs up, the secret of the other half is getting to be hard to keep. Amarillo is getting it's first Northern Tool location offering a new kind of "toy" store for those who love getting their hands on tools

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Work tools
Les Cunliffe

We all grow up, and while I'm a Toys R Us Kid forever, there's a part of me that just loves getting my hands on tools. Especially when the job needs to get done and looking at the website there is more than enough tools to satisfy any die hard tool guy.

If you haven't been, think of every hardware department at Home Depot or Lowes but way bigger and wider variety of tools. While you can get most varieties of hand tools like screwdrivers and socket wrenches, light duty power tools and table equipment, Northern Tool expands on those options and offers items like hydraulic lifts, pressure washers, generators and much larger tools. Some of the brands they carry include DeWalt, Milwaukee, Husqvarna, Ingersoll Rand. I get excited hearing some of these names because it means I don't have to order out of town anymore or make trips to Albuquerque or Oklahoma City to get some of these bigger items and brands.

Look for their grand opening coming in early August and if I got it right, I'll bet there's a good sale coming. Time to start making that wish list!

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