Every time you drive in Downtown Amarillo it seems like there is something new to look at!

Back in March, the Potter County Sheriff's office got a sweet upgrade. They moved out of their building downtown and into a new $14.2 million dollar Law Enforcement Center.

If you drive down South Pierce St. you will see a new construction site where the old Potter County Sheriff's Office once stood. The project is being headed up by JMR Demolition from El Paso. They are tearing it down brick by brick and leveling the land. The project is set to be finished in mid-August 2018 just in time for Custom Gardens of Amarillo, a landscape company in town to come in and give the land some curb appeal.

Custom Gardens will transform the area to a tempory park until Potter County decides what to do with it.

There is a lot of exciting stuff happening in downtown Bomb City!

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