Back in the early days, say the 80's there was a little store (that's what we called it, the little store) and it was labeled with a giant K in a circle.   It was one of the greatest stores of my childhood, and it looks as if it is returning to Amarillo.

Circle K is making a return to Amarillo.   According to Coldwell Bankers Commercial, the new Circle K store will be on the corner of Arden Road and the new Loop 335.

If you aren't in the area you'll have to make a drive to get to it once they get it up and built.  Even though Circle K won't be the only convenient store in the area, it will be a Circle K.

If memory serves, the location I remember going to was located at 4520 S. Georgia.   I always got a Push Pop as a treat and a drink.   I don't know if it's the nostalgia, but I love the idea that we are getting something back in Amarillo that has since been gone.

Circle K is one of the many businesses Amarillo used to have back in the day.  Is there any business from your past that you would like to see back in the Yellow City?

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