When it comes to social media, do you think it is creating the next generation of criminals or just helping make stupid decisions?

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I try to keep up with the latest trends, it gives me something to talk and write about, however, this trend is something I completely missed.

I must be on the older side of TikTok.

Over the weekend I was scrolling through my neighborhood page on Facebook.  Normally it's a good place to keep up with what's going on, suggestions for local businesses, garage sales, etc.  However, over the weekend, apparently, a couple in our neighborhood was out for a walk and got accosted by an Orbeez.

Whoever has a kid that drives a grey mustang or has friends that do tell them to stop shooting random people with orbee guns they may not seem like much but they leaft a welt on my arm it could of hit me, my sister, or our dog in the eye and could of caused some damage.

An Orbeez is a tiny plastic ball that when added to water grows 4x its size and turns into a water ball about the size of a pea.

Orbeez Store via Amazon
Orbeez Store via Amazon

Keep in mind that Orbeez is actually a brand name.

It's a toy, it was meant to be a fun thing to play with.  These water balls are now made by many different companies and are called different things, water balls, gel balls, water beads, etc.  As you know, we usually don't ask for a facial tissue we ask for Kleenex, or we don't ask for a cotton swab we ask for a Q-Tip.  Sometimes the brand names, become the object itself.

Although I haven't found where Orbeez actually sells a toy gun to shoot the little water balls, other companies have and they are called things like gel blasters.

These guns are an alternative to a water gun.  Instead of shooting water, it shoots these water balls.

Brand: Chicoop via Amazon
Brand: Chicoop via Amazon

There's been a challenge going around on TikTok called the Orbeez Challenge and it challenges people to do drive-by water ball shootings (for lack of a better term) on strangers.

@zhenduo84 Got a new one again😍#splatrball#gelballblaster#waterbeadschallenge#orbeez#splatrballgun#ouch#blaster#nerfgun ♬ original sound - zhenduo84

The Orbeez are supposed to be harmless, but they leave welts on people's bodies. This isn't exactly harmless.  Plus with the world we live in today, can you imagine having a car drive by you, and all of a sudden you're being pelted with these things.   At first, your brain is processing what the heck is going on which will be a car, gun, and I'm being hit.   Then a few seconds later it sinks in what just happened.  That can be scary.

@volancio.com Reply to @yuaaz78 😈 #foryou #orbeez #orbeezgun #splatrball ♬ FASHION - LIL GLOCK 420

I guess what I'm trying to say is, stop shooting strangers with a toy gun filled with water balls traveling at a high rate of speed.  I know some people will say, "they are just kids having fun."  I get that, fun is OK, but shooting complete strangers isn't fun.

Stories out of other states have reported that people of been killed because the toy gun was mistaken for a real gun.

Nobody wants that.  Nobody.

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