It's the age-old battle within cities throughout the country.  To have new things residents must foot the bill with a rise in taxes.

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The citizens of Pampa, Texas are now facing that decision when it comes to new facilities for the school district.  Pampa ISD proposed a new School Bond that will go before the voters on May 6th.  The bond was approved by the school board on February 13th.

A strategic planning committee was put together comprising students, parents, staff, and community members working together to put together a plan for the most critical needs of Pampa ISD.

Voters will be asked to vote on 2 propositions, both totaling $130 million dollars.

Proposition A is $62 million and includes safety and security for the schools, a new career and technology addition, and a new elementary school for grades 2-5.

Proposition B is $68 million which includes a new fine arts addition, a new athletics facility, and renovations and upgrades to district elementary campuses and other district facilities.

If Proposition A is approved the raise in taxes for a $69,000 home is about $14 per month.

If Proposition B is approved the board would be authorized to sell bonds for future projects, but with no impact on residents.

If both pass the average tax increase would be about $14 in property taxes.

As always those homeowners over the age of 65 will not be affected if they have filed an over 65 Homestead Exemption.

Is the tax increase worth it to Pampa Voters to have their Property Taxes rise to have these things for their schools?

For those residents that have questions and concerns, a meeting is being held at the Pampa Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, February 23rd at 7 pm.

Early voting will begin on April 24th - May 2nd, and election day May 6th.

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