Halloween is a fun time of the year, and people get into the fun.

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I love driving around Amarillo and seeing all the amazing houses decorated for Halloween.  It takes time, money, and creativity to come up with some of the amazing decorations put up all over our city.

From a pirate-themed yard to 12 ft Skeletons to a flying witch, these houses are creative and fun to look at for the spooky season.

Lori Crofford/TSM
Lori Crofford/TSM

One of the homes we stopped at, the owner said, "my girlfriend tells me what she wants and where to put it, and I do it."  Now that's a good boyfriend.

Please know that all your hard work and all the hard-earned money you put into your decorations don't go unnoticed.  You brighten the days of your neighbors as they drive to and from work, with your fun decor.  I can only imagine, the bright eyes of children seeing all the Halloween fun as they are driving past in the backseat of Mom or Dad's car.

If you have a decorated yard, we would love to see it.  Please send us a picture of your great work so we can share it with everyone.

This time of year is absolutely fun.  I love how people get into the spirit of Halloween fun. In fact here are a few things for you to get out and enjoy, Haunted Houses and Trunk or Treats, before you get out and drive around looking at decorated houses.

I love how Amarillo and Canyon go all out for the holidays.   It starts at Halloween and then it will go to Christmas.  Enjoy these pictures of all the cool Halloween Houses.

Spooky Halloween Home Decorations

Here are some amazing Halloween-decorated houses all over the area.

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