Amarillo is home to some great businesses.  Some of these businesses are so great that they are getting accolades.

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Recently announcedTyler's Barbeque is at the top of the list of the Best BBQ Places in the County.  

It is no surprise that another Amarillo business is getting nationally recognized.  When it comes to the world of healthcare, the country is full of an array of medical businesses including hospitals, clinics, hospices, imaging, etc.   When it comes to being the best it is a tough market.

We are excited that one of our healthcare businesses made the list.

Modern Healthcare has released its annual list of the Best Places to Work in Healthcare and this Amarillo healthcare business made the list.

"With all the economic uncertainty, staffing challenges, and folks wanting more flexible work setups, every company has to get clever about how they attract and hold onto talent," noted Dan Peres, President of Modern Healthcare. "The winners of the 2024 Best Places to Work awards really get it. They show us how vital it is to understand what employees want and need right now. With healthcare shifting so much, finding the right people is a top priority, and the winners know that keeping their team happy is the key to business success."

Physicians Surgical Hospitals


Physician Surgical Hospitals began in 2007 when Quail Creek Surgical Hospital merged with Panhandle Surgical Hospital and became Physicians Surgical Hospitals.  In 2018, Quail Creek Physical Therapy joined the group and  Advanced Imaging Center became a part of the team in 2020.  Their mission is clear:

To provide quality service and care every day, every time.

This group takes care of the Amarillo Community and makes it a good place to work for employees.

“Where people work has a great impact on their quality of life and we are proud to be recognized by team members for an eleventh time as a best place to work,” said Bryan Bateman, CEO of Physicians Surgical Hospitals. “This consecutive recognition is a testament to our ongoing commitment to building a positive work experience, and we are excited to see the impact our culture of belonging is making each day.”

Physicians Surgical Hospitals and other healthcare groups across the country will be honored at the Gala that will take place in Nashville in October.  At that time, the rankings of these healthcare businesses will be announced. The Best Places to Work in Healthcare will also be featured in the Modern Healthcare Magazine on October 14th.

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