Pampa residents will have to wait to go and get steak from their favorite steakhouse.

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On Sunday Morning, January 15, at 3:30 am the Pampa Fire Department received a call about a structure fired at 2841 Perryton Parkway.  The fire was located inside Texas Rose Steakhouse.   Pampa Fire Department sent 6 units to the scene and a total of 11 firefighters.  The Hoover Volunteer Fire Department helped in extinguishing the fire by sending 1 unit and 5 firefighters.

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No one was in the restaurant at the time and no injuries occurred.    The fire was extinguished and the scene of the fire cleared at 6 am.  The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The Dyer family owns the Texas Rose Steakhouse in Pampa, as well as the locations in Borger and Canyon. We know that the Dyer Family has been in the restaurant business for over 50 years, and it truly is a family business.

Even though Pampa has several restaurants, this is one of their popular restaurants and the city will feel the loss. According to several posts on Facebook, the restaurant will temporarily be set up in the old Dyer's BBQ location in Pampa.

For those traveling to and through Pampa, this is a popular spot to stop and enjoy a good steak or even a chicken fry.

We wish the Dyer family and all the employees a speedy rebuild.  Thank you to all the first responders who were able to get the fire extinguished before it completely destroyed the restaurant.

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