I have a hard time believing this is real... what did we do to deserve such gold!

I am going to be honest, this may be my new favorite video on the internet. This Youtube video dripping to 80's goodness features the Amarillo High School 1986 basketball team showing off their moves with the "Sandie Shuffle"

The video starts out with an anchor from Channel 4 reporting "The hottest video in town". The anchor goes on to say the students have been working on the video for weeks as they prepare to compete at state in Austin.

Apparently, the proceeds from the video even went to a worthy cause. Before the boys come in, a slide appears saying the procedure will go to "John Fedko's Car Payment"

The special effects and outfits will leave you nostalgic... or, extremely confused.

If I was an Amarillo High student right now, I would FOR SURE remake this video!

If you were in this video we would love to hear where the "Sandie Shuffle" grew is today.


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