We are living in a world where groceries are beyond expensive.

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For instance, there is a breakfast bowl on the market, it has eggs, breakfast meat, etc.  It's a quick and easy breakfast for those who don't have time to cook.   That bowl not even 2 years ago cost $1.50.  It now costs almost $4.  It's the same but for $2.50 more.  Everything has gone up in price.  It makes you wish for the days of cheap groceries past.

Panhandle Salvage was the affordable place to shop in Amarillo

Back in the day Amarillo had a grocery store called Panhandle Salvage, this was a store where the overstock of products from Affiliated Foods would be sent and the public could come into the store and find food for cheap.   Sometimes you could pick up a gallon of milk for $1.

The produce was extremely cheap and other items that were usually expensive were very affordable.   Panhandle Salvage was a place you could go and fill up a cart and it was $20 or less.

Panhandle Salvage was located at the 5811 Western (corner of Western/58th)

Back in September 2018, it was announced that Panhandle Salvage was closing.

Randy Arceneaux, President and CEO Affiliated Foods in 2018 said, the decision to close Panhandle Salvage was because the neighborhood where it is located needs a full-service supermarket.


The full-service supermarket was Fiesta Foods Cost Plus, which opened on April 17, 2019.


However, a year later, Fiesta Foods was gone and Market 33 opened up in the location.  Market 33 is a company that has been around since 1978 and the cool thing about Market 33 is they have a beer and wine tasting room.  You can go grab a drink and shop.  Plus they have an extensive selection of beer and wine.

Panhandle Salvage was a great place to shop especially if you had very little money to spend on groceries.

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