Ahhh the good ol' days. If you have lived in Amarillo for a while and especially if you are a 90's baby that grew up here, get ready to be hit with a huge dose of nostalgia.

On February 29th, 1968 The Western Plaza opened it's doors to Amarillo. The $12 million dollar building covered 400,000 square feet and 38 acres of land. It was once known as the biggest mall from Oklahoma City to Albuquerque and Denver to Dallas.

Western Plaza was popping for a solid 14 years. They were the home of the Furr's Super Market, Toy's By Roy, White and Kirk, and so much more.

What I remember most is going there when I was small child during Christmas time and seeing the train store all dressed up for the holidays and of course, we can't forget every 90s babies favorite spot... BUFFALO NICKLE! It had all the games and fun of somewhere like Chuck E. Cheese but all the games only cost... you get it, a nickel!

If never went to Buffalo Nickle I am sure that you will at least remember their commercial song.

We got all the games that you love to playyyy. At Buffalo Nickel, thats all it takeeesss. One nickel at a time, not even a DIMMMEE

In October 1982 Westgate Mall had opened their doors and Western Plaza started to take a huge hit and would eventually close... In 2005, Western Plaza was demolished and rebuilt at Western Crossings.

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