If you have just crawled out from beneath a rock and haven't heard the town buzzing, let me fill you in real quick. Amarillo is getting a beautiful new baseball stadium in the heart of downtown as apart of the revitalize downtown effort. So naturally, a new stadium means new team! To get the community involved there was a "name the team sweepstakes". After weeks of people going crazy in Amarillo, the popular vote seems to be... The Sod Poodles. (Sod Poodle is another name for a Praire Dog). No it's not technically official yet, but so many people are talking about it we can kinda see it happening.


Now that you're up to date. There has been a lot of unofficial logos and T-shirts swirling around social media for the Sod Poodles. Most of them were a joke and poking fun at the name. However, a local clothing company took it upon themselves to make something legit.

You can buy these killer t-shirts from Jenox Clothing for only $14!

www.jenoxclothing.com to see more.

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