I know we have a ton of Harry Potter fans. Raise your hand if you are one of them. I see you over there. Have you seen all the movies? Read the books? Do you have dreams of being a wizard too?

Amarillo has a lot of cool events for Potter fans young and old. I just spotted another one that I think you will be excited about. If not you, I bet you have a kid or two that will beg to be a part of this.

How does Wizarding School sound to you? Absolutely spell bounding I am sure. That is exactly what the Don Harrington Discovery Center is offering.

According to the DHDC page:

Calling all Muggles! Join us as we turn DHDC into a school for witches and wizards, no acceptance letter needed! We will explore this magical world and learn the science behind it! Make wands, take classes, and explore the world of magic.

Sounds intriguing doesn't it? They will even have butterbeer at the concession stand. Just know that is not included in the admission price but would certainly make your experience even better.

You can choose one of two time frames to become Harry Potter certified. You can either pick 9am - 11am or 11am - 1pm. This will all be happening on Saturday, August 7th. Of course you don't want to miss out on your tickets HERE.

As the thoughts of getting ready to go back to school are fast approaching you can still have another magical day of summer and attend Wizarding School.

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