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It's bad enough to see the first signs of winter in late October, but then we have to deal with all the other stuff that comes with it. When the first snowfall hits the Amarillo area, it is usually a test of our patience and driving abilities. So far this week, all the craziness you would expect has lived up to its expectations. Here are some of the top 5 worst things about the first snowfall in Amarillo.

1. You have to go through all the boxes in the back of your closet to find the "heavy" coat, gloves, and anything to block the freezing panhandle winds.

2. You have no clue where that ice scraper went and your vehicle doors are frozen shut. And you don't dare leave your car or truck running unattended.

3. Everyone forgets how to drive. It doesn't matter if you are in your small neighborhood or out on Soncy, everyone is all over the place.

4. Lanes, what lanes? You know there are 4 lanes there, but you just follow the car or truck in front of you hoping they know.

5. You watch as the person driving way too close to you thinks that their 4-wheel drive will do magic tricks in the ice. Spoiler, all vehicles suck on ice.

If you have to hit the roads, please be careful. Take it slow, give yourself plenty of room, and watch out for the crazy people. And most of all, don't be one of these GIFs above.

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