Imagine having to leave your home and your entire life in the blink of an eye. No warnings, You don't know where you're going, all you know is you have to get out. There isn't much time to grab anything or pack. just literally whatever cash you have on hand and perhaps some documents to prove who you are. Could you handle it?

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This is the very reality for those who are living in Afghanistan and were helping The American and international efforts there as the Talban quickly swept through the country in a blitz that had just about everyone stunned. There's no need to hash out all the story again because it's been playing out 24/7 on just about every media network out there and has certainly made it on to our local news here in the Panhandle.

You do what you do to get out.

Afghan Refugees Arrive At Dulles Airport Outside Nation's Capital
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The scenes at Hamid Karzai international airport are heartbreaking, because you know that's not the ending that anyone was hoping for and for those families who do make it to the United States a sense of relief at first but lingering uncertainty and fear because let's face it. we are talking about two very different cultures. There's been plenty of talk about some of these refugees making their way to Fort Bliss in Far West Texas. El Paso Media has already been reporting this and it looks like Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico will also be taking in some of these refugees as well.

The Panhandle may also be a destination

Catholic Charities of the Texas Panhandle has come out earlier this week stating that they are expecting at least 11 families to be resettled here in the Amarillo area which is already facing a tight housing and rental market. The group is looking at a mid September date which would mean children would need to be placed in schools too. The organization is hoping that the Amarillo community steps up with donations to help not just monetarily but with much needed clothing and other supplies. You can make a donation here.

It's not easy for folks to make a move like this. let's throw out politics for a minute and the blame game and look at the fact that there are thousands of folks making their way here to escape a situation that was no fault of their own. Getting caught in the crossfire isn't anything we wish on anybody. These are folks who already had a taste of that dream from the soldiers who shared it with them. It's time to step up and help

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