Amarillo is full of great businesses however, this upcoming business is going to help you clean out your closet and make some money.

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Have you ever just wanted to clean out your closets, but didn't want to just throw the clothes away? You've considered consignment but aren't sure they would take half of your clothes, so you stuff them all in bags or boxes and tell yourself you'll donate them but never do.   We all have done this.  Something new is coming to Amarillo that will help avoid the eternal bagged clothes.

This new Amarillo store will change how you get rid of the brand-name clothes and home decor you don't want anymore.

The Clotheset is Coming Soon!

Here's how The Clotheset works:

1. You rent a booth at the store - the cost of the booth is $20 for the week (longer options are available).

2. You set up your booth on Saturday morning from 9 am to 11:45 am with the items you want to sell.  Mark the items with what price you want.

3.  You break down the booth on Friday evening between 7 pm-8 pm.

That's it!  Your stuff is in your booth all week long and the staff of the store will handle all the selling of the merchandise from your booth.  The store will keep 60% of the sales (since they essentially do all the work) and you'll get 40% of the sales of your items.

What you don't sell you can take back home, or have them donate items to a local charity.

The best items to sell at The Clotheset are name-brand clothing, shoes, accessories, small toys, and home décor.  Just remember whatever you want to sell has to fit in your booth space.

The Clotheset will be located at 2710 Civic Cir Suite #1.

Store hours:
Monday - closed
Tuesday-Friday 1 pm- 8 pm
Saturday -- 1 pm-8 pm
Sunday- 1 pm-4 pm

The store isn't quite open yet, but expect an opening date in January.

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