It's been awhile and we have been watching the remodel and the construction and today is the day.

When Marshall's Coffee Company announced they would be closing their business after 21 years on August 5, 2017, everyone wondered what would happen to their building on Bell .    Well, Roaster's purchased the building and they have been working on remodeling the building and getting it ready.

Today is the day, the new location is located at 4709 S. Bell, is officially open.

If you wanted delicious Roaster's coffee you had to drive to Soncy or Georiga.  Now they are finally back in the Bell Area.  Roaster's used to have a location in the old Hasting's at 45th and Teckla, but that has been many, many, many years ago.  Now it's great to have them back in the Bell neck of the woods.

Congratulations on the new opening!!

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