Charles Goodnight is known as the Father of the Texas Panhandle.

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Keeping his memory alive as well as the life of the cowboy is important.  That is why the Goodnight Ranch and the original home of Charles and Mary Ann Goodnight are still in existence today.  It's keeping the memory and works of this family in the Texas Panhandle alive.

The life of a true cowboy is hard work, long days and nights, and battling the elements that Mother Nature throws at them on a daily basis.

One of the things a cowboy loves aside from the work they do; is coffee.

There is something about Cowboy Coffee.

Coffee was an important staple in the Old West.  It was extremely needed, especially with the long hours cowboys spent in the saddle.  It is existence in a cup, and it's strong.  It's coffee made for a cowboy.

Electric coffee pots and a coffee shop on every corner didn't exist back then, so a campfire and a pot were needed to make the infamous cowboy coffee.

It's a piece of the Old West history and it is a fun way to learn about coffee and how to make "coffee that will put hair on your chest."

Every Tuesday-Saturday in April at the Charles and Mary Ann Goodnight Ranch from 10 am - 11 am, you can your family can enjoy learning the true ways of cowboy coffee.  You'll learn the art of how Chuckwagon cooks made coffee back in the day.  You'll enjoy a social hour, coffee demonstrations, and coffee history.

The Charles and Mary Ann Goodnight Historic Ranch is located at 4989 County Road 25, Clarendon, TX 79226-5201.

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