Coffee is delicious and it is an essential part of life for a lot of people.  It's the go juice in the morning and the nectar that keeps you moving in the afternoon.  Amarillo is getting another coffee shop.

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Coffee comes in many forms and flavors.  You can get it hot, iced, and frozen.  You can get it black, in espresso, a latte, a cappuccino, or in a macchiato.

Most of the Amarillo population loves coffee, and I guess that's why so many coffee shops are popping up.   There was a time when Roaster's and Starbucks were the only two places in Amarillo you could get a "fancy" coffee.  Then, it just started growing and growing and growing.

Now you can find multiple coffee shops within a square mile of each other.  Some of the same brands.  Each section of Amarillo has its own coffee shop, or most of them do, and if they don't rest assured one will pop up soon.

The area of 58th and Georgia is growing by leaps and bounds.  Once an area that was empty dirt lots now has a Walmart Market, Pak-A-Sak, Toot 'n Totum, Dollar Tree, and now it will have a coffee shop.

Starbucks is coming to 58th and Georgia

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It will be a great convenience for those that live in the area.  The closest coffee shop to that area is the Starbucks on Hollywood and I-27 or driving north 5+ miles to the area around Georgia and I-40.

Yay, for coffee!  Pretty soon, you'll see a coffee shop on every corner in Amarillo.

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