Canyon, Texas is one of the great small towns in the Texas Panhandle.  It's home to WTAMU and Palo Duro Canyon, but it's home to so much more.

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The Amazon Prime docuseries, The Story of Art in America will be stopping in Canyon, this week, on April 4th and 5th to highlight local artists, and one of the city's local art historians.

Those artists that will be featured on the show from Canyon are Andrew Miller, Jon Revett, Marsha Clements and Oliver's Saddle Shop.

"As we were doing research on Texas cities to be featured in the Season 3 of The Story of Art in America, we were careful to select cities representing the diversity of Texas, in terms of city size and geographical location,” said Pierre Gervois, CEO for Legit Productions/Executive Producer of SOAIA

According to Gervois, one of the reasons, Canyon was chosen was because of the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum's Art Deco building, and the fact that Georgia O'Keefe lived in Canyon.

“We were thrilled to be approached about being on the show,” said Megan Nelson, City of Canyon Communications Director. “This area is full of talented artists, and we’re lucky enough to have the largest history museum in the state right here in town. Canyon is often considered one of the ‘best-kept secrets’ to travel in Texas, but I’m ready for the secret to be out.”
City of Canyon
City of Canyon

The interviews will be featured in season three of the show.  Season three will also be focusing on different arts and artists in Texas including Canyon, along with Dallas, Texarkana, Corsicana, Saledo, Georgetown, Odessa, and Alpine.

Season three of The Story of Art in America will premiere on Amazon Prime Video in January 2024.

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The building had been rebuilt and restored in the late '80s or 90s before vandals destroyed it in an act of arson. What remains of the Jowell School sits in a desolate part of rolling farmland between the small towns of Canyon and Happy, Texas.

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