We all know that during the summer months we end up paying A LOT more for electricity. I mean we run that air conditioning like nobody's business.

My daughter is learning the hard way how high that bill can get. She, like other's that have a roommate are constantly arguing about what to set the thermostat on. I asked her what they keep it on and she said 72.

I suggested turning it up to 73 or 74. Just to see how that effects the bill next month. Her roommate likes to keep it much cooler but the $200 electricity bill is too much for them.

Heck, I live in a house and my bill is only $84. Though I do not keep my thermostat that low. So I feel she needs to raise it a bit and see if that makes it a nicer bill for them.

Then yesterday I ran across this new report from Energy Star, they are the EPA program that promotes energy efficiency. I had to take a screen shot and send it to Faith. She was like "heck no! I live in Dallas! It's too hot."

So what are their recommendation's that had my daughter and everyone else in a tizzy? They say you should keep your thermostat set to 78 degrees when you're home. (I will talk more about this is a minute).

They think you need to turn it up to 85 degrees when you are not at home. Ummmm, my cat would SO hate that!

Oh and at night you should sleep with it set to 82 degrees. I think my dogs and cat would revolt.

So I took a picture of my thermostat to show my daughter. It seriously is set at 78, That I could handle. I am lucky that I have great new energy efficient windows at my house. Also good insulation. I run my ceiling fans and 78 degrees is actually comfortable.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I know there is no way most people can do that. My daughter would just die. I told her to show her roommate the recommendations from Energy Star and tell him that it could be worse. Go ahead and turn it up just the one or two degrees to help your bill. Don't get all crazy.

Energy Star on Twitter. Check out everyone who just "loves" their suggestions.

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