It is that time of year. We will be running our air conditioners non stop. I mean it gets hot here, right?

Well a little bit of relief will be heading our way. Thanks to the news from Xcel Energy that they will be reducing our bills by 5% this summer. Oh and at a time we could really use it.

I mean I know we have already had some hot days but it's only early June. So just think what July and August holds for us. So this announcement sounds like music to many Xcel Energy customer's ears.

We can thank the fact that there are lower costs from natural gas that Xcel purchases. That and the fact that we have a higher dependence on clean wind energy. So that also factors into a win for us as customers.

There has been an application filed by Xcel to re-figure and update the formula they use to lower the monthly fuel charge. What that amounts to us is savings. Don't count your extra money just yet.

Once the application is approved the lower bills will hit starting on July 1. So just in time for the really hot months. So next month may be one of the first times you actually look forward to getting your electric bill. OK....maybe let's not get too crazy but it actually will be better than without the savings.

So lower prices this summer and the good news is not ending there. Xcel also has in its plans to get us back some money too. They are proposing a one-month refund some time later this summer. They are looking to put money back in our pockets since there was a reduction in natural gas this spring.

How much does that mean for you? Keep an eye on your mailbox or checking account for that. Just look at it as found money. I know I will be excited no matter how much it is!


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