How many times do you crave something, I mean really want a certain kind of food, only to realize it is Sunday. You know that all of your hopes and dreams are crushed. I mean that seems to happen to me all the time when it comes to Chick-fil-A.

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I feel they are just toying with me. Some how they are subconsciously coming through and making me want what many call "The Lord's Chicken" on a day that I obviously can not have such a thing.

That is what makes me laugh when I saw a friend post something recently. Heck, it seemed like such a great deal for the month of November. Who doesn't love a great deal? Who doesn't love saving money at Chick-fl-A? I feel this is not something that you can really get scammed out of. I mean we like to warn everyone if there is a new scam targeting you finances, your identity. Anything that can harm you we want to help.

Only thing, I feel this can save, is getting your hopes up for this great deal. I don't even think it is Chick-fil-A behind this. It is people that obviously has jokes. Oh and want to crush our spirits.

Has anyone else seen this going around Facebook?

credit: Facebook Meme
credit: Facebook Meme

I mean you see this and oh what a deal. Have you tried their mac and cheese? That stuff is heavenly. Their nuggets? Forget about it. Then heck throw in some fries and two drinks? Yes, please. Talk about awesomeness. Until you see the joke.

This is a deal you can get every Sunday in November. You know, the one day a week they are not open. That is so cruel. I will go run and cry now.

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