With all of the news recently about some of the park amenities we have available in Amarillo potentially being removed, I started wondering what the best parks are in Amarillo to take the kids to.

To help me make as unbiased a list as possible, I employed the use of Google reviews.

Medi Park

I don't think that it is much of a surprise that Medi Park was the highest rated park in Amarillo. Not only is the playground nice but there is also the splash pad, Discovery Center nearby, and the pond with a walking trail.

The playground does get very crowded from time to time, but there is a wide variety of toys for the kids to play on. There is also a nice shaded area with picnic tables where you can sit and relax while you watch the kids.

Sam Houston Park

Sam Houston Park was also highly rated. One of the main reasons was all of the shade. There are plenty of trees. The playground is good if you have younger children. Also, this is where they host live music during the summer. There's a lot going on at Sam Houston.

Thompson Memorial Park

Thompson Memorial Park was near the top thanks to the number of amenities it offers. There's disc golf. There's more than one playground. The pond and all of the trees also helped put it near the top.

Not to mention you are in close proximity to Wonderland and the zoo.

Which park is your favorite to take the kids to?

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